About Atlante - System administration

The project

The firm belief that cultural digital resources are a real heritage worthy of being preserved and valued, pushed 4SCIENCE to invest in the 4SCIENCE Digital Library project.

The project stands on the experience gained by the 4SCIENCE team in the more of 10 years spent in developing and managing the Digital Library Management System CodeX [ml], at the beginning for CILEA Interuniversity Consortiun and then for the CINECA consortium.

As concerns Digital Preservation, 4SCIENCE Digital Library implements many recommendations from the OAIS model. Thus it aims at archiving digital resources for preservation purposes, at managing them through several metadata standards and at making them available by web.

During the development activities we paid great attention on defining and managing the Information Packages, so, during the import process, data and metadata integrity and validity are continously checked. Even after the ingestion, daily backup activities and periodic monitoring of file integrity are carried out.

The experience gained by the team within the Digital Libraries domain drove to focus also on other topics which are essential for the istitutions.

The creation of high quality metadata, for example, is a critical issue, since generating such metadata is an expesive operation which requires specific expertise. Thus the system has been developed in order to create administrative metadata according to the standards, starting from simple guide files containing a minimal set of information.

Moreover, the chronic lack of funds of the cultural assets world makes increasingly difficult for the institutions to preserve e and make available the digital heritage over the time and may frustrate the efforts that create it.

In this situation the development of applications that allow institutions to sell their digital resources stands as one of the few tools to ensure not only the preservation but also the progressive increase of the digital collections. To address this need, 4SCIENCE Digital Library provides an application to manage digital documents selling, the activation of on demand digitization processes and the subscriptions to digital images visualization.

In this way institutions can not only maintain their Digital Library also make it more and more rich in content.